Onboarding and Training

Help Getting Started

As you start your Weekdone trial our dedicated customer support is ready to help you set-up, learn the best practices, and get your team up to speed.

Here are some of the trainings we offer:

Learning the Basics

  • Guided tour of Weekdone
  • Introduction to OKR and PPP methodology
  • Discuss how to use Weekdone for your use case

OKR Consultations

  • Review your Objectives and Key Results
  • Check and adjust the alignment of your OKRs
  • Get your questions answered and OKR advice

Set-up and Onboarding

  • Set up your company structure, users, weekly templates, and OKR permissions/levels
  • Learn tips from transitioning from spreadsheets or another platform

Pilot Group Trainings

  • OKR basics – understanding, writing and aligning OKRs
  • Weekdone usage – navigation, adding OKRs, using Weekly Planning and other features

Plan for Long-term Success

After payment, you start our customer success plan to improve your usage, get your team onboarded, and ensure your long term success. Here’s what to expect:

Personalized Training

  • Decide on personalized onboarding plan
  • Review OKR methodology to ensure your whole company is on the same page
  • Discuss best practice usage to best fit your company’s needs

Team Trainings and Webinars

  • Get your team up to speed with a personalized training session or webinar
  • Review OKRs as a group and get feedback on how to improve your OKRs

Quarterly Reviews

  • Review to check on OKR progress 2-4 weeks before the end of the quarter
  • Discuss lessons learned and plan for next quarter’s OKRs

Q & A Session

  • Resolve any questions or problems that may have arisen
  • Learn about new updates or unexplored features

Onboarding Timeline

At Sign-upIntroductory Call – to introduce you to the platform and better understand your needs30 min.
During TrialSet-up and Onboarding – to help you get your account set-up and ready for testing30 min.
Post PaymentGetting Started Call – to discuss your goals and come up with a personalized program to fit you and your organization’s unique needs30 min.
Week 1Team Training – to guide your team leads through the system and make sure they’re equipped to implement OKRs with their team45 – 90 min
Week 2-3OKR Consultation – to get feedback on your OKRs and review your Weekdone usage30-45 min.
1st MonthQ & A – to answer and questions you or your team have about using Weekdone or OKRs30 min.
QuarterlyQuarterly Review – to review the progress of your OKR and Weekdone usage and plan for the next quarter30 min.

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