Payment Settings

Payment settings section covers how to add more users (upgrade), where to see your invoices, how to change the payment info and how to cancel your paid account.

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Upgrading User Count

If you need to add more users to your current package, then you need to upgrade!  

  1. Only a company’s admins are allowed to upgrade. 
  2. Make sure that an admin user has logged into the account.
  3. Go to
  4. Move the progress bar blue dot to choose how many users you need. Once you have moved the bar, you can click on ”Upgrade.”


First, you need to subscribe to the whole new package and the system will charge the full amount. We will shortly refund the money of unused days from the previous package!

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Changing Payment Information and Viewing Invoices

Only an admin user can change payment info or see the invoices. Make sure an admin account has logged into the account before following any of these steps.

To change the payment info

  1. Go to
  2. At the end of the page, you can see the option “Update payment info”

Viewing or downloading the invoices

  1. Go to “Company settings” by clicking on your icon in the top right corner
  2. Choose “Billing” from the first row of setting options
  3. You can see all your invoices listed there 

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Cancelling Subscription

There are 3 options for how to go about cancelling your paid account. The main question is if (1) you want to keep access to the data and go back to the 3 users free account or (2) you don’t need the data and want to cancel the account for everybody.

NB! Only a company admins can cancel the account! Before choosing any of those options, make sure that an admin user has logged into the account.

Cancel paid account and go back to free account, keep the data.

  1. First, you need to make sure that you have only 1-3 active users in the account. For that go to “People & Teams” settings and choose the “People” view.
  2. Inactivate all the users besides those 1-3 which you want to keep by clicking on this trashcan icon. You can keep 1-3 users because it’s free.
  3. Those accounts are first made inactive. That means they can’t log in but if needed the accounts can be restored by making them active again. 
  4. If you want to delete the users permanently then go to the “Inactive” field under the “People” view and delete the users from inactive as well.   
  5. To cancel your paid account subscription go to and end of the page you can see “Cancel subscription”

Cancel the whole account

  • To cancel the account for everybody go to and end of the page you can see “Cancel subscription”
  • If you decide to subscribe again in the future you can restore the account and data. If you want us to remove all the data definitely send your request to

Cancelling just before renewal

  • In the case of canceling there are no refunds. If you have chosen the annual option you can use the account for the time paid and cancel just before renewal. You can see when your renewal should be from “Company settings” and “Billing”.
  • You will be sent a reminder of your renewal coming up. If you have blocked our emails or marked them as spam you might not receive it! Weekdone is not responsible for those emails ending up in the spam or being blocked. 

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